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Lecture 1

Jacobina’s ability to explain something complicated to an audience who is not familiar with the subject is excellent. Her great organizational skills and her outgoing personality have made her a tremendous asset to our club. She is a great instructor, a reliable and responsible person.

Karin M. Drury, ACG
Lecture 2

I would highly recommend Jacobina’s On-line Drawing classes. I had a very satisfying and rewarding experience. She is very easy to work with and I learned so much in such a short period of time, online from Boston when we were in lock-down mode. Jacobina gives clear and detailed instructions for each lesson, actually drawing the object in front of you — almost like a practice run! The lessons build on one-another so you see progress week after week.

Carol Weintraub, banker in Boston
Lecture 3

I’m a marine biologist who spends time at the intersection of science and policy. I didn’t think I could draw or be creative. On a whim, I signed up for Jacobina’s class and learned so much about myself and the creative process. Her instruction helped me reconnect and awaken my right brain in ways I knew existed, but had no idea how to access. Her classes are paced perfectly. As a super busy person, I didn’t think I’d have time, but I did. As a non-artist, I was afraid of being judged, but I was supported and valued. I learned that the beauty in art is having no judgement, there is a flow, and a sense of just being. I signed up to learn how to draw, but I ended up learning how to be kind to myself, how to connect to hidden parts of my brain, and how to find simple joy with a pencil and paper.

Laura Engleby, marine biologist
Lecture 1

When my friend Donna sent me an e-mail “Hee, would you like to take a drawing class with me from Jacobina “, my first reaction was, “I would love to but I really don’t have time” When I got home that evening I thought how do these two thoughts coexist, how would you love to but I don’t have time? So After dinner I said to her “yes I would love to take the class with you” So I pushed myself to allocate time and I am so very happy I did because it has open a door to a whole new series of experiences in which I can grow, so thank you so much for initiating us in the classes.

Barbara, real estate agent in Miami.


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