Looking through the eyes of another artist is eye-opening.


Coaching 1 on 1

When you like to figure things out yourself but you know there is also a lack of knowledge that comes with the process, you are coachable. Van Gogh figured everything out himself. It took years before he mastered drawing. Nature was his teacher. He was un-coachable. Taking advice from someone about technical details shortens the learning process. I would love to share my experience.

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What ohters are saying...


When I took figure drawing classes from the Ringling school for Art and Design, Jacobina was my patient teacher. I had a desire to tap into the vast knowledge she showed me and when she offered the coaching I didn’t hesitate. We both committed to three months of drawing. I thought there was not much else to learn after three months, but boy, was I wrong. We have been working for almost a year and it feels like I never want to stop discovering various drawing techniques.