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The Dutch painters from the Golden Age became famous by painting their environment. Their legacy is part of the greatest masters in European Art. That is where I come from. It is my cultural inheritance. Rembrandt is my greatest teacher. I admire his work because of the contrasts in his paintings.

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Drawing Classes

Basic Color

In preparation for the six week course of Color Matters, I am offering an in-depth view of what drawing encompasses. We will use earthy colors like Ochre, Burnt Sienna, middle grey or whatever is available in your color box.

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Color Matters

In this series, with home work, I will discuss a certain color and its complementary. As a subject I will take a small mundane object, for example a vegetable or fruit, which you can draw for half an hour and finish the next day.

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An Apple a Day

During a whole month you will receive a video and small talk into your e-mail-box every day, with home work. This is especially designed for busy people who want to be inspired to do something every day but cannot seem to find the time to do so.

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Figure Drawing

Contour drawing/line

Mirror image

Copying/change dimensions

Systematic work / draw a hand

Copy reality / draw an object

Creating an illusion

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Advanced 1

The general idea

The chair

A corner in your house/relationships

Draw a person/relationships

Light and shadows

Self portrait

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Pen & Ink

Know your materials
Look at the world from a window
Draw a tree
Draw a tree next to a house
Make a drawing

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Patrons of Jacobina

$97 a month
Once a week you will receive a video
about a part of my personal process.

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Jacobina’s ability to explain something complicated to an audience who is not familiar with the subject is excellent. Her great organizational skills and her outgoing personality have made her a tremendous asset to our club. She is a great instructor, a reliable and responsible person.

Karin M. Drury, ACG

When my friend Donna sent me an e-mail “Hee, would you like to take a drawing class with me from Jacobina “, my first reaction was, “I would love to but I really don’t have time” When I got home that evening I thought how do these two thoughts coexist, how would you love to but I don’t have time? So After dinner I said to her “yes I would love to take the class with you” So I pushed myself to allocate time and I am so very happy I did because it has open a door to a whole new series of experiences in which I can grow, so thank you so much for initiating us in the classes.

Barbara, real estate agent in Miami.

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By: Jacobina O. SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

Inspiration is illusive. It is like a dream you want to remember in the morning after waking up. To dwell in the dream is tempting, because it removes us from the harsh reality of daily life. The more we want to hold on to the images, the sounds and the feeling, the faster it slips away. Inspiration feels much like a dream. You cannot force it, nor control it. It appears like a thunderbolt. Unexpected but clear. Much like falling in love with an idea.

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Latest blog 1
In Search for Community

By: Jacobina O. AUGUST 22, 2023

On Facebook was a picture of Georgia O’Keeffe, staring seriously at the horizon. The text said, “If there is nobody to greet you in the morning when you open your eyes and there is nobody to say goodnight, if you don’t ask anybody to be part of your day, is this freedom or loneliness? When I lived on a tropical island the inhabitants formed my community. When I was married, the children and grandchildren were a specified group of people with the last name Trump. When I lived at the Manasota Beach Club, I was an artist in residence and thus part of a community. The same held true for the Hermitage Artists Retreat. All these were geographical places where the inhabitants had to deal with the weather patterns, the local rules and food distribution. It created community.

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